Sri Vayudeva’s glory is beyond words

जन्माधिव्याध्युपाधि प्रतिहतिविरहप्रापकाणां गुणाना
मग्र्याणामर्पकाणां चिरमुदितचिदानन्दसंदोहदानाम् |
एतेषामेष दोषप्रमुषितमनसां द्वेषिणां दूषकाणां
दैत्याणामार्तिमन्धेतमसि विदधतां संस्तवे नास्मि शक्तः || 3 ||

In the first two shlokas of the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti, Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya declares that he bows to the dust emanating from the feet of Sri Vayu, and that even the best of the Devatas bow fervently to those lotus-like feet. In this third shloka, he describes further the immense ability of Vayudeva and why any amount of praise for those divine feet, or even its dust, is insufficient.

He first describes a few qualities possessed by the dust emerging from Sri Mukhyaprana’s feet.

(Note: While attributing great powers to something as mere as the dust from the feet, the author is actually trying to highlight the indescribable greatness of Sri Vayu himself. For each of the divine qualities mentioned, the understanding to be had is thus – “If the dust from the feet of Sri Vayu is itself capable of this, then how great must Sri Vayu himself be?”)

Great miseries that come attached with birth, ill-health, mental burden and other such states of life are removed (by him).

Troubles प्रतिहति due to conditions उपाधि such as birth जन्म mental ills आधि physical diseases व्याधि get relieved विरह प्रापकाणां……

Excellent auspicious-qualities are obtained.

Excellent अग्र्याणाम् attributes गुणानाम् are granted अर्पकाणाम्…..

Sri Vayudeva’s feet also grant multitude of auspicious qualities such as knowledge, happiness and others that always remain manifested.

Multitude संदोह of qualities like knowledge, happiness and others चिदानन्द that manifest उदित are granted दानाम्….

Sri Mukhyaprana also causes daityas, who always hate (Sri Hari) with polluted minds and blame (Sri Hari), to enter Andhantamas forever.

He causes विदधताम् Daityas दैत्यानाम्, who are haters द्वेषिणाम् (of Sri Hari) and who are blamers दूषकानाम् (of Sri Hari) and who possess minds मनसां that are polluted प्रमुषित with defects दोष, to reach Andhantamas अन्धेतमसि permanently चिरम्.

Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya then declares that in this matter, he is simply not capable of praising Sri Vayu well enough!

In this matter एतेषाम् I एषः am simply not capable न अस्मि शक्तः of praising (him) संस्तवे (well)….

The gist of this shloka is thus:

Sri Vayu is greatness personified. Merely the dust originating from his feet are capable of:

  • Relieving one from miseries that occur due to conditions of life such as birth, ageing, disease, mental troubles and so on.
  • Manifesting multitude of good qualities in an individual.
  • Granting knowledge, happiness and other attributes and causing them to manifest permanently.
  • Pushing the haters of Sri Vishnu, who possess polluted minds and therefore always speak ill of him, to Andhantamas permanently.

It is therefore not possible for the author or anyone else to praise such a Vayudeva appropriately. His greatness is beyond the reach of words!

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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