The Subservience of Devatas to Vayudeva

प्राज्ञात्मज्ञानधूतान्धतमससुमनोमौलिरत्नावलीनाम् |
भक्त्युद्रेकावगाढ प्रघटनसघटात्कार संघृष्यमाण
प्रान्तप्राघ्यन्घ्रि पीठोत्थित कनकरजः पिञ्जरारञ्जिताशाः ||

In the first shloka of the Hari Vayu Stuti, we have seen how Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya brings out the devotion of Sri Vayudeva towards Sri Hari and how Bharatidevi is possessed by great affection towards Vayu. Having thus explained the hierarchy of Sri Hari and Vayu (and Bharati), it is only proper that the relationship and the hierarchy of Sri Vayudeva with the rest of the Devatas be made clear.

The supremacy of Sri Mukhyaprana Vayu amongst all Devatas is highlighted in more than one Upanishad. Thus, Vayu jeevottamatva is established by Shruti itself! Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya, being a poetic genuis, explains this in a beautiful way in the second shloka.

He says that the Devatas get rid of their deep ignorance with the grace of Mukhyaprana (and Vishnu, of course) by virtue of obtaining knowledge of Sri Hari who is nothing but knowledge personified.

By virtue of their perpetual अजस्र service सेव their knowledge ज्ञान of Vishnu (whose essence is knowledge) प्राज्ञात्म steadily increases अनुवृद्ध and their deep ignorance अन्धन्तमस gets removed धूत.

Such a removal of ignorance and realization of the true nature of Sri Hari causes a tremendous surge of devotion in the Devatas towards Mukhyaprana.

(This causes a) surge उद्रेक of devotion भक्ति in them.

The Devatas indicate this rush of bhakti in them through their heightened and unlimited din of noise as they rush towards Vayudeva.

The Devatas quickly जव indicate (this) विदित with heightened उत्कण्ठ and unlimited अकुण्ठ din कोलाहल.

Hundreds and thousands of enlightened Devatas rush towards Sri Mukyaprana and bow in reverence to him with great vigour. With great devotion, they bend their head along with their crowns that are decked with precious gems and jewels. When they do so, the crowns with their jewels come in forceful contact with the edge of the foot pedal of the throne of Sri Vayudeva!

The attractive सुमनः jewel bedecked रत्नावलीनां crown मौलि (of the Devatas) come in vigorous अवगाढ contact प्रघटन and makes an impact संघृष्यमाण at the edge प्रान्त of the foot pedal अङ्घ्रिपीठ (of the throne of Vayu).

With hundreds of Devatas bending down in such a fashion, the forceful and repeated contact of their crowns with the edge of Vayudeva’s pedal causes golden dust-like particles to get discharged from the foot pedal and the crowns. Such sparks cause all the directions to turn to a glorious reddish-yellow hue!

The rising उत्थित golden कनक powder रजः (due to such contact) causes all directions आशा to illuminate रञ्जित with a reddish-golden hue पिञ्जरा.

This wonderful composition can be summarized thus:

The Devatas perform eternal service to Sri Vayudeva. Through his grace, they obtain true knowledge of Sri Hari and lose all their ignorance. The realization of Sri Hari and the realization of Vayu’s grace on them causes an extreme rush of devotion in them. In order to express their devotion and subservience to Vayu, they rush towards his throne with great commotion. The air is filled with the din of their rush.

They approach the foot pedal of Mukhyaprana in their large numbers and prostrate to him by forcefully bending their heads. When they do this, their headgear which is bedecked with precious jewels vigorously collides with the edge of Sri Vayu’s footpedal. This causes golden powder (from the crowns and the pedal) to fly in all directions and turns the entire atmosphere into a reddish-golden colour.

May such Vayudeva protect all of us!

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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