Nellitheertha – A Dharmika Kshetra

Author: N.V.Sripathi Bhat, Bengaluru Ph: 9900265060 Email: INTRODUCTION The coastal belt of Karnataka, the Dakshina Kannada & Udupi Districts are full of famous temples & pilgrimage centres. While there are number of famous temples like Dharmasthala, Subramanya, Udupi, Kateel, Kadri etc. there are also many historical temples which are having subdued existence and Shree... Continue Reading →

Sri Rama Ashtottara Shatanama Stotra

From the Padma Purana - Uttara Khanda Source of text: Wikisource ॐ श्रीरामो रामचंद्रश्च रामभद्रश्च शाश्वतः |राजीवलोचनः श्रीमान्राजेंद्रो रघुपुंगवः || 1 ||जानकीवल्लभो जैत्रो जितामित्रो जनार्दनः |विश्वामित्रप्रियो दांतः शरण्य त्राणतत्परः || 2 ||वालिप्रमथनो वाग्मी सत्यवाक्सत्यविक्रमः |सत्यव्रतो व्रतफलः सदा हनुमदाश्रयः || 3 ||कौशलेयः खरध्वंसी विराधवधपंडितः |विभीषणपरित्राता दशग्रीवशिरोहरः || 4 ||सप्ततालप्रभेत्ता च हरकोदंड खंडनः |जामदग्नि महादर्प्पदलनस्ताडकांतकृत् || 5... Continue Reading →

Dharma: Who decides right and wrong?

The one fundamental principle that sustains order in this world is the sense of right vs wrong. Hindus of course are very familiar with this and use the term Dharma to refer to this principle. There is a prevalent opinion in intellectual circles that the word Dharma has manifold meanings and represents a collection of... Continue Reading →

Bhima’s Purnahuti: Duryodhana Vadha

It was the second half of the 18th day of the great war. Only Duryodhana, Ashwathama, Krupacharya and Krutavarma remained on the Kaurava side. Duryodhana had fled the battlefield and had hidden in the Dwaipayana sarovara. Duryodhana had undertaken "Jalastambhana" inside the pond and was performing japa of a few mantras which were given to... Continue Reading →

Gayatri Devatas: The 24 Rupas of Sri Hari

The following attempt is to capture whatever has been beautifully explained by Sri Bannanje Govindacharya in one of his Kannada pravachanas. It is well accepted that the famous Brahma Gayatri mantra has 24 aksharas in them. But upon splitting the words in the mantra into their aksharas, we find the following: 1 तत् 2 स... Continue Reading →

Bhima Krupa: Killing of Bahlika

On the 15th day of the great war, upon the fall of his father Drona, Ashwathama was uncontrollable. His fury knew no bounds and the Pandava warriors paid a heavy price. Many sons of Drupada, the sons of Kuntibhoja and thousands of Rakshasa warriors who were part of Ghatotkacha's army fell to Ashwathama's arrows. Seeing... Continue Reading →

Bhima Karna Yuddha – 5

The intense battle between Bhima and Karna on the 14th day of the war seemed like would never end. Karna would get badly defeated and put himself in danger. Seeing this, Duryodhana kept sending his brothers to defend his dear friend. All of them in turn got killed by Bhima. Seeing the dead bodies of... Continue Reading →

Bhima Karna Yuddha – Part 4

On the 14th day, the battle between Bhimasena and Karna raged on, even as Karna kept getting humiliated with repeated defeats. Karna's false, but undiminishing, belief that he could take on and defeat Bhima, coupled with the tragic fate of multiple of Duryodhana's brothers, led to Vaikartana's numerous returns to the battlefield to face Bhima.... Continue Reading →

Bhima Karna Yudha – Part 3

The battle between Bhimasena and Karna continued on the 14th day even as Karna kept getting defeated repeatedly and one of the sons of Dhritharashtra got caught in the cross-fire. Karna, having lost his chariot at the fall of Durjaya, climbed another one and resumed his duel with Bhima. Through a cluster of arrows, Karna... Continue Reading →

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