Bhimasena’s Dhruti: Bakasura Vadha

Sri Madhwacharya has explained, in his mahabharata tatparya nirnaya, how each of the pandavas were the personification of many auspicious ‘guNas’. Such an understanding is helpful in interpreting the mahabharata as a ‘manvAdi’ grantha. Amongst the pandavas, bhimasena is the personification of 10 main guNas. Sri Madhwa explains this through one shloka in his MBTN... Continue Reading →

Book List For The Bharatiya RW

During the course of a few mini discussions with Gopi ji — managed to obtain a list of books that any one interested in Indian Nationalism, Hindu Cultural Renaissance, Hindutva and related topics MUST read. Putting the list here in public domain for benefit of wider audience. Jadunath Sarkar: The Fall of the Mughal Empire A Short... Continue Reading →

Bhima Prajna: The Slaying of Jatasura

This post is a part of the series of posts highlighting the ten guNas that bhimasena displays in the mahabharata. The ten gunas have been explained by Sri Madhwacharya in his mahabharata tatparya nirnaya as follows भक्तिर्ज्ञानं सवैराग्यं प्रज्ञा मेधा धृतिः स्थिथिः | योगः प्राणो बलं चैव वृकोदरो इति स्मृतः || २-१४१ || Vrikodara is... Continue Reading →

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