Pandava Ajnatavasa: Three Interpretations

Recently I happened to read an article on the internet where the ajnatavasa incident of virata parva in the mahabharata was used to interpret human psychology. The author felt that the roles that each pandava put on was an “attempt to accept their disowned sides”. So yudhisthira becoming kanka was an attempt to “get in... Continue Reading →

Krishna — One Who is Always ‘satyavAk’

Those well versed in shAstras will tell you that paramAtma always says satya — truth. He never goes back on his words — he never lies — he never fails to keep his promise. The entire second adhyaya of the brahmasutras, as Sri Madhwacharya has elucidated — highlight this single quality of the paramatma — that he is ‘निर्दोष’ — without any defect. Therefore, if he did... Continue Reading →

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