Madhwa-avatara is mantra siddha

अस्याविष्कर्तुकामं कलिमलकलुषेSस्मिन् जने ज्ञानमार्गम् |
वन्द्यं चन्द्रेन्द्ररुद्र द्युमणिफणिवयोनायकाद्यैरिहाद्य ||
मध्वाख्यं मन्त्रसिद्धं किमुत कृतवतो मारुतस्यावतारं |
पातारं पारमेष्ट्यं पदमपविपदः प्राप्तुरापन्नपुंसाम् || 4 ||

In the fourth shloka of the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti, Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya continues to describe the great qualities and capabilities of Sri Vayudeva. We should recall that, at the end of the third shloka, the author had declared that he is simply incapable of fully praising the glory of Sri Madhwa. In this shloka, he continues with the same train of thought.

Although this shloka does not explicitly contain the phrase संस्तवे न अस्मि शक्तः (I am incapable of praising him well), Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya uses the word किमुत here. He says ‘should I have to repeat again?’. Therefore the clear reference is to the expression from the previous shloka.

We should read in the following phrase therefore:

संस्तवे न अस्मि शक्तः किमुत

‘Need it be said again that I am incapable of praising his glory enough?’

The author then highlights several other qualities of Sri Vayu to drive home the point that the auspicious attributes and supra-human actions of Sri Madhwa is limitless.

He starts by describing the most powerful, and benevolent, guna or quality of Sri Mukhyaprana. He eliminates the influence of Kali from the hearts of people!!

Sri Vayudeva desires to bring to light आविष्कर्तु कामं the path of knowledge ज्ञान मार्गं in these people अस्मिन् जने who have been polluted कलुषे by the evil influence मल of Kali कलि.

There are many sajjanas or noble people in the mind who have wandered from the path of true knowledge due to the evil and polluting influence of Kali on their minds. It is Sri Vayudeva alone who can bring them back on the path of Tattvavada. And being a most benevolent one, Sri Vayu constantly endeavors to bring such people back on the right path.

Next, the author highlights the fact that even the best of Devatas worship Sri Mukhyaprana. Apart from Mahalakshmi, Brahma, Sarasvati, Vayu and Bharati, everyone else, including Devatas, come under the influence of Kali, even if only occasionally. Therefore, it is most appropriate that the Devatas take refuge under Sri Vayu to liberate them from Kali’s influence.

Chandra चन्द्र, Indra इन्द्र, Rudra रुद्र, Surya द्युमणि, Sesha फणि, Garuda वयोनायक and other Devatas आद्यैः bow to you वन्द्यं.

Sri Vayu has here taken Avatara as Sri Madhwa himself.

Maruti मारुतस्य has taken कृतवतः Avatara अवतारं by the name of Madhwa मध्वाख्यं.

Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya then emphatically declares that the Avatara of Sri Vayu as Madhwacharya is established by the Shruti itself!!

He says Sri Madhwa’s Avatara is मन्त्रसिद्धं!!

The Balittha Sukta of the Rig Veda samhita describes the three Avataras of Sri Vayu as Hanuman, Bhima and Madhwa.

The next quality of Sri Madhwa is that he is forever protecting people who are troubled.

While at the beginning of the shloka, the author highlights that Sri Vayu grants knowledge to noble people, here he says that Sri Vayu also protects people from physical troubles.

Sri Madhwa protects पातारं people पुंसाम् who are in distress आपन्न.

Sri Trivikrama Panditcharya immediately follows this description by emphasizing that Sri Madhwa himself never undergoes any of the troubles that ordinary people face.

Sri Vayu is अपविपदः – one who is never subject to any sort of trouble or distress.

Why is this? It is because Sri Vayu belongs to the class of jeevas known as Rujus who have no defect at all! They are perfect in all aspects. Hence it is only jeevas who are Rujus who qualify for the post of Brahma.

The author describes this next.

Sri Vayu shall obtain प्राप्तुः the position पदम् that is the topmost पारमेष्ट्यं (i.e. position of Brahma).

At the end of every Brahma Kalpa, Chaturmukha Brahma obtains Moksha. For the next Kalpa, Sri Vayu graduates and occupies the position of Brahma. Sri Vayu is therefore also known as ‘bhavi-brahma’ or ‘the next brahma’.

With so many great qualities in him, it is but natural that we shall fall short of praising or describing Sri Vayu well.

We can summarise the shloka thus:

  • Sri Vayu relieves noble people from the influence of Kali and brings them back on the path of true knowledge.
  • Even the best of Devatas including Chandra, Indra, Rudra, Sesha and Garuda, bow to him.
  • Sri Maruti has taken Avatara as Sri Madhwa over here at this time (author is referring to his time)
  • Sri Madhwa Avatara is declared in the Shrutis!
  • Sri Vayu protects people from worldly distress
  • Sri Vayu is himself never troubled in any way
  • Sri Vayu is the next Brahma in-line.

Who can sing well the glory of such a great one as Sri Mukhyaprana?

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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