Festivities: Opening the Door to Moksha

The ultimate goal of every individual following the path of sanatana dharma is to obtain moksha — salvation — mukti. To be free from samsara — the cycle of birth and death. To be part of HIM. Or be a part of HIS abode. Or be like HIM. Or just be close to HIM. But then, not everyone gets moksha. Not... Continue Reading →

From Saifai to Ayodhya: The Right Shift

For decades now, the people of Uttar Pradesh have been under rulers who made it difficult, even shameful, to think of themselves as Hindus. The people of the land of Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya used to wonder whether it was safe for them to even engage in their religious practices. The rulers spent Government money... Continue Reading →

Issues with Constitutional Interpretation Styles

In the judiciary, various techniques or styles are deployed when it comes to interpretation of the Constitution. A study of these 'Constitutional Interpretation' methods help understand the approach taken, and the reasoning behind, the judgement arrived at in any particular case. Although interpretation styles can be attributed to any judgement, they become especially relevant in... Continue Reading →

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