Article 30(1)

A page to collate the various posts on Article 30(1) and related #Core1 topics

Draft Constitution Stage

  1. Educational Rights According To The Makers Of Our Constitution
  2. The Source Documents for Article 30(1)
  3. Fundamental Rights for Minorities – per the Sapru Committee report
  4. The very first version of Article 30(1)
  5. Evolution of Article 30(1) during deliberations of the sub-committee
  6. Attempts at secularising Article 30(1) before Constituent Assembly discussion
  7. Interpretation of Article 30(1) by Dr B R Ambedkar
  8. Attempt of Prof K T Shah to ensure educational policy applies uniformly to all

Post Adoption of the Constitution

  1. The dissenting, Core1, judgement of Justice Aiyar in ‘re Kerala Educational Bill vs Unknown’

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  3. Key Highlights of the Pramati Judgement – Part 1
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