Difference in interpretation between Religious Establishment Rights & Educational Rights

I want to highlight a strange difference in interpretation, by our executive and judiciary, of the Rights guaranteed under our Constitution for running our temples (religious establishments) and a section of our citizenry running educational institutions. Common structure between religious establishment rights and educational rights There is considerable similarity in the way rights related to... Continue Reading →

SJW Laws: Designed for Misuse?

Recently, the Supreme Court of India issued some landmark directions to curb the menace of misuse of the draconian IPC 498A. It has brought in a more rigorous review process, in the form of Family Welfare Committees, to reduce the problem of false cases and consequent arrest of innocent people. Naturally, this new directive has... Continue Reading →

Temple funds for Hindu schools: Yes or No?

Background: (Only an overview provided here - not the full details of the mess ­čÖé ) Temples and Charitable Institutions in Karnataka are governed by the┬áKarnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and┬áCharitable Endowments Act┬á1997. This Act was challenged in the Karnataka High Court in┬áSri Sahasra Lingeshwara Temple, ... vs State Of Karnataka. In the year 2006, the... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Minority Tag in India

Some leaders of the Lingayat community in Karnataka have renewed their demand for their group to be considered as separate from Hindus. They want to 'move out' of the Hindu fold. This demand has been in existence from many decades and seems to have a co-relation to the recognition of non-Hindus as 'minorities' and consequent... Continue Reading →

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