Central OBC scholarships: A Sorry Tale

A few weeks ago, we had looked at the sectarian bias that exists in Central Government scholarships with respect to SC/STs and Minorities. A little more digging reveals an even abysmal state when it comes to scholarships for OBCs. On the 15th of December 2015, in the Lok Sabha, an Unstarred question was asked to... Continue Reading →

TSR Subramanian Report on NEP & RTE

October-2015: The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) constitutes a committee, known as the TSR Subramanian Committee, for 'Evolution of the New Education Policy'. The committee is led by former Cabinet Secretary Sri TSR Subramanian. April-2016: The TSR Subramanian Committee submits its report to the MHRD. In the words of the ministry itself... "The Committee... Continue Reading →

The 2012 Amendment to RTE Act

This is a short post guided by a discussion that happened on Twitter on whether the UPA Government was pro-actively working towards keeping minority educational institutions out of the purview of the RTE Act. In 2012, on April 12, the Supreme Court pronounced its judgement in the Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan v Union of... Continue Reading →

Pre-matric scholarships in Karnataka

Since it is the season for analyzing sectarian Government schemes, here goes one more... đŸ™‚ The aim of this post is to provide a comparison of the scholarship schemes implemented by the Government of Karnataka for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes and Minority students, studying in pre-matic classes. The pre-matric scholarship scheme for SC/ST students is managed... Continue Reading →

Student enrolments in the RTE era

The RTE Act, as well all know, was brought into effect in the year 2009. The Act proclaims to guarantee education for every child, aged between 6 and 14, in the country. The Act reserves 25% of seats in all schools for SC/ST, EBC and DG groups, except in private schools owned by non-Hindus. There have... Continue Reading →

UP Govt Support: Kailash Manasarovar vs Haj

There is an article in news18 website today wondering who, in the new BJP Government in UP, will head the Haj department. The article expresses worry about the lack of a Muslim MLA from BJP who could head this department. This question, and the subsequent discussion that emerged on Social Media, encouraged me to look... Continue Reading →

Rahul Gandhi: Building Dalit Leadership?

The Economic Times today published an article claiming that Rahul Gandhi's Dalit Leadership Mission (DLM) has produced results in the recent Uttar Pradesh elections. The key points of the article are as below. Due to seat sharing arrangement with SP, Congress got 27 seats in Reserved Constituencies 18 out of the 27 Congress candidates in... Continue Reading →

UP 2017: BJP and #Core

With the stupendous victory of the BJP in the UP 2017 Assembly elections, garnering over 320 out of the 403 seats, the stage is well set for the party to deliver on its promises. In keeping with the "Development" and "Governance" talk that the party leadership has been making, it is expected that the work... Continue Reading →

2019: Rajya Sabha Equation

The 2017 Assembly Elections results are underway. And it's a landslide 3/4ths majority for BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. BJP is also going to fare quite well in Manipur and reasonably well in Goa (although it may not form the Government). Apart from potentially setting the tone for Lok Sabha 2019 elections, the other... Continue Reading →

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