Vayustuti Mangalacharana

Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya begins his Hari Vayu Stuti with an excellent prayer to Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpadacharya. Not only does this first shloka offer a salutation to Sri Madhwacharya, who is the focus of the entire stuti, but it also offers an explanation to the greatness of Sri Mahavishnu and Sri Mukhyaprana (whose avatara Sri Madhwacharya is).

There have been a few questions asked over the years, about the lack of a more routine mangalacharana in this stuti. Many illustrious commentators have offered beautiful explanations on how the word “Sri” present right at the beginning of this stuti is indeed a wholesome mangalacharana. We therefore need not delve more into this aspect.

Let us make an attempt to gain a better understanding of this first shloka of the great stuti!

श्रीमद्विष्ण्वन्घ्रिनिष्ठातिगुणगुरुतम श्रीमदानन्दतीर्थ
त्रैलोक्याचार्यपादोज्ज्वलजलजलसत्पांसवोsस्मान्पुनन्तु |
वाचां यत्र प्रणेत्री त्रिभुवनमहिता शारदा शारदेन्दु
ज्योत्स्नाभद्रस्मित धवलितककुभा प्रेमभारं बभार ||

The primary phrase in this shloka is the prayer Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya offers to Sri Madhwacharya. He says

लसत् पांसवः अस्मान् पुनन्तु

May the illuminating लसत् dust पांसवः purify पुनन्तु us अस्मान् !

The author is hoping that the glittering specks of dust purifies us. What is the source of this dust that is so pristine that it can grant purity to those who come in contact with it?

He says

पादोज्ज्वल जलज

From the shining उज्ज्वल lotus-like जलज feet पादः

So this all-powerful dust is emanating from a pair of gleaming lotus-like feet.

Whose feet are these?

श्रीमदानन्दतीर्थ त्रैलोक्याचार्य

The feet are that of the Acharya of the three worlds – Srimadanandatirtha Bhagavatpada!

So the prayer of the author is thus:

“May the specks of shining dust that are emanating from the lotus-like illuminated feet of the Acharya of the three worlds Sri Madhwacharya purify us”

Such a wonderful prayer certainly causes awe and admiration in the minds of those who chant it. It also arises curiosity in the minds of the devoted.

What is the reason that even the dust at the feet of Sri Madhwacharya become so powerful?

Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya then introduces us to two key attributes of Srimadanandatirtha which grants him such an exalted position.

Sri Madhwacharya:

श्रीमद्विष्णु अङ्घ्रि निष्ठ – possesses utmost loyalty at the feet of Sri Vishnu.

This can also be interpreted as ‘one who possesses utmost devotion towards Vishnu and Sri (Lakshmi)’

अतिगुण – possesses a large number of (auspicious) attributes

Sri Madhwacharya is an ocean of auspiciousness.

गुरुतम – the Supreme amongst Gurus.

Srimadanandatirtha is the foremost bhakta of Sri Vishnu. He possesses all auspicious attributes and is the greatest Guru in this Universe. Hence his greatness. Hence he is worthy of our prayers.

The above phrase also offers a glimpse into the Sarvottamatva or Supremacy of Sri Vishnu.

Although Srimadanandatirtha possesses all great ‘gunas’ he is still always at the feet of Sri Vishnu.

Even though he is the Guru of all sentient beings in this Universe i.e. although he is Jeevottama, he is still at the feet of Sri Vishnu.

Therefore, we are left with no doubt that Sri Hari is Sarvottama.

After this introduction to one quality of Sri Madhwacharya, the author provides us another excellent glimpse into another attribute of his. This quality gives us an indication of his Jeevottamatva i.e. the fact that he is the best there is amongst all sentient beings in this world (apart from Sri Hari and Lakshmi).

शारदा प्रेमभारं बभार

Sri Madhwacharya is such that Sharada devi possesses बभार immense amount of love प्रेमभारं towards him.

Who is this Sharada Devi who possesses such an intense attachment towards him?

शारदेन्दु ज्योत्स्ना भद्रस्मित श्री धवलित ककुभा

Sharada श्री is one who is illuminating धवलित all directions ककुभा with her auspicious and gentle smile भद्रस्मित which are like the soft rays of the moon in Sharad-rutu शारदेन्दु ज्योत्स्ना.

How does the fact that such a Sharada i.e. Bharati Devi possessing an immense amount of sub-ordinately affection towards Srimadanandatirtha make him illustrious?

Because Bharati Devi:

त्रिभुवन महिता – is worshipped by the three worlds!

वाचाम् प्रणेत्री – is the presiding diety (propagator) of speech

Bharati Devi, who is worshipped by each and every one in all three worlds, and one who is the presiding diety of speech, is herself sub-ordinate to and possessive of immense bhakti towards Sri Mukhyaprana.

Therefore, there is no doubt that her Lord Sri Madhwa is the Jeevottama in this Universe.

To summarise, Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya’s mangalacharana prayer is thus:

May the shining specks of dust emanating from the lotus-like feet of Srimadanandatirtha:

  • who is forever devoted to the feet of Sri Vishnu,
  • who is the Guru of the three worlds,
  • who is an ocean of auspiciousness,
  • towards whom even Bharati Devi who is worshipped by the three worlds and who illuminates all directions with her gentle smile that are like rays of the autumn moon and who is the presiding diety of speech,

purify us!

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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