Agnipariksha is on; Rama shall soon reunite with Sita!

The erudite Sri @upanishadist has written a wonderful post on the ongoing Rama Janma Bhoomi issue, asking if Sri Rama shall return to his home at last. It is a very moving, emotional piece. Although a far lesser mortal, I too felt compelled to write a few words on this issue. Not because it is that time of the year, when everyone has a few words to say about the dispute. Nor it is because the recent undesirable developments in the Supreme Court has made the dispute a talking point again.

It is because I see this whole dispute as a Kaliyuga version of the Ramayana. And for that very reason, I believe we are at the very fag end of the fight, just a while away from our Bhagavan Rama returning to his glorious homeland.

In our shAstra, the mukhya-abhimani devate for bhoomi (land) is mahalakshmi. And no doubt Sita mata was the avatara of mahalakshmi, who accompanied mahavishnu during his avatara as Rama. So the Rama devasthana at the janma ‘bhoomi’ at Ayodhya was verily Rama and Sita staying together.

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The taking over of the janma-bhoomi at Ayodhya by Babur in C.E 1528 is the kaliyuga equivalent of the Sita-apaharana. No wonder it was done by someone who had a history of abducting other (pavitra) bhoomi.

Sita mata was kept in Lanka in confinement.

The janmabhoomi was kept within the confines of the disputed structure.

In the treta-yuga, Rama crossed the samudra and entered Lanka.

In the kali-yuga, Rama, in his ram-lalla form, entered Lanka on 22 December 1949.

Back then, Rama and the vanaras tore down the city of Lanka and freed Sita.

Rama, with the help of his vanara sainya — the karasevakas in this case, liberated Sita mata from the confines of Lanka on 6th December 1992.

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The people present in Lanka after Sita was freed, including some who arrived there, immediately questioned the chastity of the divine mata. They said due to the confinement in Lanka, Sita mata was no longer eligible to reunite with Rama. The Kaliyuga equivalent is the battle in the courts, culminating now in the Supreme Court case.

Back then, Sita mata had to undergo an agnipareeksha to establish, albeit only for the seculars, that she was still divine.

Agni is the abhimani devate for vaak — words. Modern day court cases are nothing but a war of words — about what can be argued- about who can establish the truth. The case in the Supreme Court is verily the modern day agnipareeksha for Sita — the janmabhoomi.

In the tretayuga, Sita mata came out unscathed from the agnipareeksha.

The janmabhoomi too will come out unscathed in the Supreme Court agnipareeksha in this kaliyuga.

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Once the agnipareeksha was over, Rama and Sita shed their muni vastra, adorned their bhavya roopa, reached Ayodhya and established Rama Rajya.

The same shall happen now as well. Once the agnipareeksha is over, Rama and Sita (janmabhoomi) shall shed their poor form, a bhavya mandira shall be built — and Rama and Sita shall be virajmaan in Ayodhya again!

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Jai Shree Rama.

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