May Vayudeva grant us a good mind!

उद्यद्विद्युत्प्रचण्डां निजरुचिनिकर व्याप्तलोकावकाशोबिभ्रद्भीमो भुजे योSभ्युदितदिनकराभाङ्गदाड्यप्रकाण्डे ||वीर्योद्धार्यां गदाग्र्यामयमिह सुमतिं वायुदेवोविदध्यादध्यात्मज्ञाननेता यतिवरमहितो भूमिभूषामणिर्मे || In this fifth shloka of the Hari Vayu Stuti, Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya offers a prayer on behalf of all of us that Sri Mukhyaprana Vayu may grant us a good (benign) mind such that it may be filled with the knowledge of Bhagavanta!... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Bhima Defeats Shalya

The first half of the eleventh day of the great war was consumed, in terms of attention, by the arrival of Karna into the battlefield. He had visited Bhishma twice, after the latter's fall and resting on the bed of arrows, and sought his blessings to join war. Bhishma asked him to consider trying to... Continue Reading →

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