Bharata and the Arrival of Rama

For thousands of years she had endured the pain. Covered in dust, not to be seen by anyone. Deserted by her husband, abandoned by the Gods. Indra had reason to worry. Gautama was accumulating punya way beyond his league. He had to be stopped. His excess punya had to be burnt away. So he approached... Continue Reading →

RJB: The Dharmavigraha Returns

In the 1540s, Sri Vadiraja Tirtha went on a tirtha yatra to Ayodhya. While there he composed a shloka describing that sacred land of the Hindus. He said: “ayOdhyA nAma nagarI bhAti sAdhvI vadhUriva | vanaM gatasyApi tasya pAdukE yA$karOt patiM” "The town of Ayodhya appears resplendent like a chaste wife (woman). That city which... Continue Reading →

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