A Legal Case for Shared Parenting

Provisions in the Indian Constitution related to Children’s Rights There are not too many provisions in the Indian Constitution which talk explicitly about the rights of children, and the rights & duties of parents towards children. Article 39(f) briefly touches upon this topic, but only in passing reference. “Article 39(f) That children are given opportunities... Continue Reading →

SJW Laws: Designed for Misuse?

Recently, the Supreme Court of India issued some landmark directions to curb the menace of misuse of the draconian IPC 498A. It has brought in a more rigorous review process, in the form of Family Welfare Committees, to reduce the problem of false cases and consequent arrest of innocent people. Naturally, this new directive has... Continue Reading →

Three Definitions of Minorities

Based on the actions taken by the State of India, three different definitions of the word "minorities" can be identified. Depending upon the purpose intended to be served, one of the three definitions is used. Here is a short introduction to the 3 types. Type 1: "Minority need to be Majority" This definition kicks in... Continue Reading →

Is the NDA denying minorities their rights?

Today, the Hindustan Times has published an article titled "How the NDA is systematically denying minorities their rights" in which the authors, owing allegiance to the Congress party, make several claims trying to prove that the Modi Government is actually denying the benefits of many of the schemes that exist for minorities. If one were... Continue Reading →

Amendment to Article 15 of the Constitution

In order to further the cause of #Core2 and #Core3, here is a proposed amendment to the Constitution of India. The PDF version is available constitutional-amendment-article-15-draft. ============================================================================ THE CONSTITUTION (ONE HUNDRED AND XXXXXX AMENDMENT) BILL, 2017 A BILL further to amend the Constitution. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixty-eighth Year of the Republic... Continue Reading →

The Quality of our College Teachers

Please read this previous related piece on the National Eligibility Test (NET) for context. In order to become an Assistant Professor or a Junior Research Fellow in any of our Universities or Colleges, an individual MUST *qualify* in the NET. Even the IITs must consider the NET in order to recruit Professors. Structure of NET... Continue Reading →

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